Potty Training

potty training tips

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemail Potty training is probably not on any parent’s “favorite things” list, but the reward certainly outweighs the challenge. While there’s no one-size-fits-all method, below are a few tips for you to prepare your child to enter the world of using the toilet: Stay calm and positive throughout the[Read more]

Time Out or Time In?

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemailTime Out or Time In? By Kiegan Blake Parents frequently ask me about the effectiveness of using Time Out as a strategy for dealing with their children’s challenging behavior. I believe that it can play a role, but it’s important to look at what you want to achieve. Likely you[Read more]

Always Running Late? Here Are Some Tips to Help You Be On Time

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemailAlways Running Late? Here Are Some Tips to Help You Be On Time Being late can cause real friction in your everyday life. From the kids getting a tardy slip to losing out on time with your doctor when you are late for an appointment, being late is a[Read more]

Improve Your Relationships

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemailEasyTalk is a powerful way to improve your relationships! Feeling frustrated or resigned in your relationships? With your co-parent, co-workers, children, or others? Communication skills are the strongest contributor to fulfilling relationships, and fulfilling relationships are the strongest contributor to long-term human happiness. Bruce Benner and James Tolley founded[Read more]

The Slipper of the Future

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemail“Slippers” are Hawaii’s everyday footwear. Others may call them sandals, or flip-flops, but they’re slippers to us: you “slip” them on and “slip” them off.  No hassle, just convenience. Since shoes aren’t worn in the house, slippers sit permanently outside every door, providing the easiest way to get out[Read more]

How to set Boundaries

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemailBy KIEGAN BLAKE, O.T. Ahhh… the balance of giving your children choice while also providing a sense of order.  Creating “boundaries” are critical for setting a sense of safety and security for your child.  Boundaries provide predictability, consistency and contingency, which are the fence posts of their secure perimeter. [Read more]

Breastfeeding Myth Busters

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemailIMPORTANT: ARTICLE CORRECTION Myth: Breastfeeding is easy and everyone can do it. Fact: While breastfeeding is a mother’s natural way of nourishing her baby, it isn’t as easy for some mothers and it doesn’t always work as planned. This is why there are lactation specialists who can help in[Read more]

Tips to Avoid Power Struggles with Your Child

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemailA child asserting herself is a normal part of development; at younger ages it can be a way of a child developing a sense of herself apart from her parents, or at older ages, developing more independent thinking.  Often this behavior is the outward sign of an underlying issue[Read more]

How To Get Close to Your Partner

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemail Getting close to your partner to strengthen your relationship, while giving him or her space, can be tricky. But there are some small things that can go far in creating a well-balanced and healthy personal relationship. Shake Up Date Night Put some thought into how you can spend[Read more]

Gratitude Practices for the Ohana

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemail This time of year naturally inspires many of us to practice the art of gratitude, which can carry over into the rest of the year. Below are some ways to fill your family’s gratitude cup. Create a thankfulness garland. Supplies you will need include ribbon, fabric scraps pre-cut[Read more]

FREE Parent Chat Live Class Comes to Maui

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemailStruggling to Communicate? FREE Parent Chat Live Class Comes to Maui on Monday, October 29, 2018! 6:30 p.m. ~ 8:30 p.m. Kihei Elementary School                            250 E. Lipoa Street                         Kihei, Hawaii 96753                          Please e-mail ParentChatLive@gmail.com with ‘Maui Class’ in the subject line.  Include how many people in your party? OR RSVP here. Reserve your seat in[Read more]

Activating the Left and Right Hemispheres of the Brain

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemailActivating the Left and Right Hemispheres of the Brain written by “Tani Toprakci, M.Ed” The activation of both the left and right hemispheres is engrained in our development. The act of crawling activates both sides of the brain through its inherent cross-body action. The right hemisphere of our brains[Read more]

What Matters To You: Listening To Your Own Voice

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemail Dr. Seuss said, “Be who you are and say what you feel. Because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” According to the Oxford dictionary, an opinion is a view or judgment formed about something that is not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.[Read more]

Teaching Your Kids Social Media Behavior and Boundaries

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemail As our children start using social media, it is vital for them to be prepared with proper training for their behavior and boundaries online. One idea is to create a written agreement between you both regarding their online interactions. Below are a few ideas on what you may[Read more]

Raising a Good Listener

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemailBy Kiegan Blake How do you teach your child to be a good listener…especially in these times of instant technology & multi-tasking? The key is to carve out time each day for face-to-face interaction with your child. Being a good listener involves: Being calm, which promotes attention and availability to[Read more]

Kids Hear Your Vibe, Not Your Words

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemail“Everything in life is vibration.” – Albert Einstein Have you considered your own vibration? What does it feel like? Can children feel your vibration, and are they affected by it? Everything in this universe is made up of tiny bundles of energy that vibrate. According to quantum physics, vibrations[Read more]