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Maui District Television

Maui District Television (MDT) produces short documentaries, live performances, and talk shows for the Hawaii State Department of Education’s television

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Favorite New Apps

Turn screen time into learning time with these cool apps. Back to school can continue at home! 5,4,3,2,1…blast off! Let

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5 Minute Sight Words

  Helping students build a strong sight word vocabulary is both easy and effective and also has a high impact

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Conquer Kid Clutter

Conquer Kid Clutter- The stuff that comes with having kids seems to duplicate in ever astonishing numbers. Between artwork, school

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The school year is in full swing and everything is running smoothly.  Parents might want to ask themselves if their

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Choosing a School

  Choosing a school for a child is a big decision for the whole family. Not only does a school

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