PC: Maui Family Magazine

The notion of a cat cafe may seem like a strange novelty to some, but cat cafes are hugely popular worldwide. From NYC to Singapore, Paris, and London, cat cafes offer a space to snuggle with adorable animals, as well as offer education and support rescue efforts. But don’t say we didn’t warn you—you may end up falling in feline love and taking one home.

The Cat Cafe Maui opened this past summer at the Queen Ka’ahumanu Center, offering a place where guests can relax and play with rescue cats. Visitors must reserve time with an admission fee which comes with a complimentary coffee or herbal tea and sign a waiver. Slots are 50 minutes long to allow for cleaning in between sessions.

Guests are led into a small room to sanitize their hands and remove shoes. Clean socks must be worn and are available to purchase if needed. Then, it’s time to meet the cats! Enter through a sliding door into a large, beautifully-designed “Cat Lounge.” Plush rugs are scattered on the floor, cat ramps line the walls, and benches with pillows give guests a comfortable place to observe and play. The energy is peaceful with mellow music filling the air. 

A knowledgeable attendant is available to share the cats’ names and personalities. Some cats sleep, while others are filled with energy and can’t get enough of the games people want to play with them. A variety of toys are available to engage with the animals. 

“We love helping animals and making people smile,” said Cat Cafe Maui founder and Maui Cat Rescue executive director, Moriah Diamond. “We are also equally committed to using this space as a means to bring awareness about cats on the island and educate our community about responsible pet ownership.”

In partnership with the Maui Humane Society, Cat Cafe Maui cats have all received up-to-date age-appropriate care and are available for adoption. Maui Humane Society will receive all donation-based adoption fees from the café to offset their support of kitty supplies, adoption administration, and veterinary care.

With over 3.4 million cats entering animal shelters nationwide, only 3.1 million cats are adopted each year. At the Maui Humane Society, for every one dog there are two cats that come through its doors. In their 2022 fiscal year, Maui Humane Society accepted nearly 5,000 animals, 65% of which were cats. 

Cat Cafe Maui plans to offer events like Kitty Yoga, Movie Nights, and educational events. Private parties will also be available for booking. For more information, or to make a reservation, visit www.catcafemaui.com.