“Happy girls are the prettiest.” – Audrey Hepburn

washing faceWhile outward beauty may fade, creating a healthy bedtime beauty routine to care for yourself is about more than trying to be “pretty.” Rather, it’s a way to protect your skin, hair and face from the effects of the environment. Here are a few tips you may incorporate into your nightly routine.

  • Basic skin care should include removing all makeup and washing with a facial cleanser. Once your skin is free of makeup, you can add toner and then massage coconut oil onto your face.
  • Use lemongrass essential oil, diluted with some coconut oil or other carrier, to help tone and add glow to your skin.
  • Before dozing off to sleep, place used tea bags on your closed eyelids and set the timer for about ten minutes. The herbs in the tea bag will help reduce any under-eye circles or puffiness.
  • Add shine and moisture to your hair by soaking it in coconut oil for at least 30 minutes. Simply rub the oil into your hair, then pull your hair up in a bun. Wash it out, and your hair will bounce back to health.
  • For healthy lips, exfoliate by gently rubbing your toothbrush across them after brushing your teeth. (First rinse the toothbrush thoroughly.) Once all of the dead skin cells are removed, moisturize with coconut oil or your favorite lip moisturizer.
  • For soft feet, you may gently exfoliate using an olive oil and salt mixture. Simply massage the scrub onto your feet for a few minutes. Wash off, then moisturize with olive oil. Put socks on for the oil to soak in overnight, and you will wake up to moisturized feet.
  • Limit water intake in the evening to avoid middle-of-the-night wake-ups. But drink plenty of water throughout the day to improve your overall health and skin elasticity.
  • Ensure that you get the proper amount of rest to help improve your overall beauty. In the two or three hours prior to going to bed, eliminate technology usage, keep the lights dim throughout the house, and keep your bedroom cool to prepare yourself for bed.