Beating the Sick Day Blues

When the coughs and sniffles have a hold of your child it can be hard to keep them from getting bored while getting better. Here are some ways to help your little one get over the flu bug and maybe even crack a smile.

Create a sick box and keep it in your closet for those days when your little one is feeling under the weather.

The key to this special box is to fill it with things that they only see when they are sick. Great fillers are coloring books, reading books, movies, little toys, anything that your keiki will like. You can also throw in a special blanket or stuffed animal that has “special healing powers” to help them get better in no time.

Get creative. Sick days don’t mean that your little one has to spend it in bed all day. Instead, you can create a tent over your dining room table with a bunch of their pillows under it. Make it fun and special and that way they can stay where you are while healing up.

Knock out a cold with good nutrition. One thing that worries many parents when their little one is sick is “are they eating or drinking enough?”

Here’s a wonderful idea from the world-renowned pediatrician, Dr. Sears, “Don’t believe the age-old saying starve a fever, feed a cold. It’s important that sick children get plenty of nutrients to help them recover. When our kids had fevers, my wife, Martha, and I would often feed them smoothies made of fruit and yogurt. Also, give your little one plenty of fluids  — such as water and juice  — so that she doesn’t dehydrate.”

The way to get over those winter sick days is to make it fun and fill it with surprises – from toys to special ways of preparing their food – and in no time they’ll be back on track, and back in school!