The “Brave New World” of Solid Food

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemailBy Lisa Kimura One of the most fun “firsts” is baby’s first food. Messy and photo-worthy, it’s always a memorable experience, whether baby enjoyed it or not! The first question many parents ask is when to introduce solids to their little one. While it’s fun to start exploring with[Read more]

Help your child overcome a fear or resistance to water

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemail Sometimes on this tiny island, we can forget how natural and strong the instinct to fear the water is. Here are three tips on how to help your child overcome a fear or resistance to water (or anything else really!). Grow the Good. Create an environment of small[Read more]

Raising a Bilingual Child

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemailRaising a bilingual child is both marvelous and challenging. Enough studies and scholarly articles have demonstrated how speaking more than one native language benefits children’s cognitive development. As parents of three (now grown up) bilingual children, my British husband and French self could only observe on a daily basis[Read more]

Divorce and Living in Separate Homes

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemailThere are many, many families with children whose parents have divorced, live in separate homes and have divided up parenting responsibilities. There is the book, Mom’s House, Dad’s House, by Isolina Ricci, Ph.D., which discusses how to set up two separate but equal homes. I think about the purple[Read more]

How To Stay Cold-Free This Winter

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemailThe person before you at the grocery checkout coughs, then sneezes before swiping their credit card. You pay cash to avoid touching a contaminated card reader. You have no desire to catch what they have. With more than 200 viruses known to cause it, the common cold can seem[Read more]

Are You Hovering Too Close to Your Kids

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemail “Helicopter parenting” has become synonymous with “bad parenting” in our society. But truth be told, most parents have tendencies to stick close in one area of life or another with their kids. If you want to know where you may be hovering, consider the fears you have for[Read more]

Date Night Ideas: Enjoy Maui

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemail“Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.” – Oscar Wilde You can keep that love ablaze in your heart by spending time with your significant other on specially planned date nights. Once children come, it can be[Read more]

How to Be a Great Parent Coach

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemailYou sign your child up to play a sport. And then comes the phone call: the team is short of coaches. Would you consider helping out? If you want to say yes, but worry that you don’t have what it takes, we’ve rounded up a list of winning qualities[Read more]

Growing Up Online: Handling Distraction & Multitasking

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemail With many teachers moving toward online collaboration, and some schools using Internet-dependent laptops for students’ schoolwork, the amount of time our children need to be online is only likely to increase. This means we need to be training them to handle the challenges of an Internet workspace –[Read more]