Many women are constantly looking for the secret to beauty. It may be an outfit, a hairstyle, a pair of shoes, a facial wash or toner, a new makeup ensemble or application technique. But it’s much simpler than that and still harder to embody.

We hear about the beauty of French women, their certain  “je ne sais quoi” – that thing which one can’t put a finger on but it’s there. They aren’t more beautiful than other women around the world, but still, they have that certain something that radiates beauty. What is it?

Self Confidence

French women are comfortable in their skin and with the body they were given. There’s isn’t a wish to attain some body image or to change their cup size. They stand straight up, have poise and feel beautiful from the inside. It’s like “Here I am, and I’m beautiful”. It’s an attitude that has to come from within.

Women here feel it every day. Some days it’s easy to feel beautiful and other days the same clothes, make up, and hair just won’t do the trick. Why is that? Because it all depends on attitude, with the right attitude you are beautiful.

Elegance and Femininity

French women don’t need to look intimidating. They don’t need to prove anything to anyone because they know they’re strong, they know they have grit and can handle whatever is thrown at them. So they embrace femininity, elegance, and poise with a vulnerability that’s real and palpable. Dresses are part of that and French women love to wear them. It’s the epitome of femininity. A dress matched with a pair beautiful shoes gives off an air of elegance and poise that looks effortless – off the cuff. It’s not all about comfort, but more about elegance. Their style is also their own, timeless, not a passing trend and not one seen in a magazine or propped up on a celebrity.


Make-up is always minimal. It’s all about looking fresh, alive and healthy. French women are known to take good care of their skin because they hardly put any make-up over it. There’s very little foundation or blush, and more emphasis on eyes and lips. They use a little mascara and eyeliner or maybe eyeshadow, however not together.

Food is also natural. French women do not diet much because they love good food with good friends. Quality, natural ingredients, presentation, and time to enjoy it all make for meals that are slowly eaten and thoroughly savored. Packaged foods and fast foods aren’t really an option and snacking isn’t fulfilling. They have a relaxed relationship with food that allows them to enjoy it and at the same time enjoy life.

Remember, French women learn style, grace, elegance, body image and how to eat from their mothers, so be a role model to your daughters.