Art with Heart, a Seabury Hall student-run club designed to bring young artists together to make a positive difference presents its first global project Saturday November 5th at Seabury Hall.

The 45 student members will be presenting a mix of physical and performance art including bluegrass band The Mill performing songs such as “I’ll Fly Away,” in addition to singers Mele Smallwood, Haley Eligio, Laura Mayron, Halia Haynes, Katheryn Barraco, Danielle Morton, Allie Moskow and Kelsey Greenway. Classical music students Greg Saydah, Cole Whitney, Andie Matayoshi and Carissa Ratte will present piano pieces, and Carter Umetsu will contribute a violin piece. The fine artists include Zoe Harrelson, Rhiannon Hernandez, Michelle Bailie, Ashley Cooper, Angelina Demirbag, Bethany Terracina, Dominic Mills, Anna Kali-Deiss, Makena Wright, Lindsey Gomez, Alana Pagano, Jeremy Morton, Mackenze Tezak and Kara Termulo. From the dance department, Jessica Patterson and Gabriella Berman will be performing classical ballet variations, and Ariella Brandon, Isabelle Jones, Yuka Inaba and Kelsey Greenway will perform modern and jazz pieces.

Art with a Heart will be choosing a school in Africa by the end of the year that best suits the club’s budget. The students are collaborating with the U.K.-based charity Build Africa. This first benefit performance will also donate 15 percent of the proceeds to the family of Michael Russell, a former Seabury Hall Spanish teacher and soccer coach who recently passed away.

The art gallery showing will begin at 5:30 p.m. Saturday in the cafeteria followed by the live music and dance at 7 p.m. in the performing arts center. Tickets are $18 dollars for adults, $12 for students, children 5 and younger are free. To reserve tickets, call 573-1257.