Natural Ways to Boost Your Keiki’s Immune System

Proactively investing in your children’s nutrition is essential to boosting their immune system.

One recommendation is to feed your kids whole, real and nutritious foods, and to avoid processed “fake” foods. Processed foods often contain sugar, which is a known immune suppressor. According to, some great foods to feed your family include sweet potato, pumpkin, carrots, spinach, swiss chard, onion, dried herbs, citrus fruits, peaches, bell peppers, berries, tomatoes, peas, broccoli, papaya, eggs, flaxseed, high quality fish oil, beef and garlic.

“We do a whole food diet with plenty of vitamin ‘sea’ and vitamin D. I try to add kale, chard and spinach into as many dishes as possible. I also begin many of our dishes with a garlic and onion saute, which have proven immune building benefits,” shared Melissa McKim, Maui mother of four.

Adding probiotics to your keiki’s diet also boosts the immune system. Good sources of probiotics for children can be found in healthy yogurts, kefir and supplements. Annette Burgess, R.N. and Maui mother, uses probiotics to boost her keiki’s immune system. She said, “We are lucky because the Upcountry Farmers Market has a local coconut kefir vendor. The kefir is loaded with probiotics, contains no dairy, and is made on Maui!” She continued, “A healthy gut equals a good immune system.”

Another way to improve your child’s immune system is to utilize high grade essential oils. Janette Cogliandro ( shared that she uses ‘On Guard’ from DoTerra essential oils (or the equivalent in other brands) on the bottom of her four children’s feet, and/or diffuses the oil in their rooms at night.

By reducing sugar and processed foods, eating whole and healthy meals, and adding probiotics and essential oils to your keiki’s life, his or her immune system will likely get a healthy boost.