Kick off the Spring season by adopting some healthy habits for the entire family. To ensure commitment from all members of your ohana, ask for their suggestions and compile a list together. If you need some ideas, here are ten suggestions to boost health and wellness for everyone in your household.

  1. Limit screen time. In a techno-centric world, we spend less time in nature, exercising, and with each other. Discuss with your family how much time it is necessary to spend on a device and agree on a time limit.
  2. Consume healthy foods and drinks. Be realistic and make a pact to consume more foods and drinks that are beneficial for your bodies. Since this may be a difficult habit to maintain, take baby steps in cleaning up your diets.
  3. Get more sleep. Adopt sleeping habits that lead to good quality and restful sleep. This will benefit the mind and body. Why not skip the movie and go to bed earlier? Put a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow to help you unwind. You’ll wake up feeling more refreshed and better equipped to deal with your day.
  4. Plan more outdoor activities. Set aside the excuses. Get your boots on, pack a snack, and head out to explore the big, beautiful outdoors. You know it’s good for you, so take advantage of Mother Nature.
  5. Read more. Curling up with a good book — whether it’s a picture book, literary novel or mystery — can be the perfect way to spend 30 minutes. Read something that interests you and relish your alone time.
  6. Set the dinner table. When you or another family member are making dinner, ask your kids to set a table that fits the occasion. It’s about honoring your time to break bread together. Napkins, silverware and condiments are all part of it.
  7. Express love. A simple “I love you” or “thank you” goes a long way in making someone feel better. The giver benefits from the act, too. So take more time to show care and appreciation for those around you.
  8. Accept defeat. Show your kids how to be a good sport by acknowledging when you are wrong or have lost. They’ll learn an important lesson that could be a compelling life habit.
  9. Tidy up. Keeping a clean, well-organized room, drawer or closet helps you feel less overwhelmed, more on top of things, and ready to move on to the next task in a timely and relaxed manner.
  10. Be clean. Hygiene is of the utmost importance when it comes to health and well-being. Remind yourself and those around you to wash hands, surfaces and, of course, food. Take the time to be extra vigilant to help yourself, your family and the community at large, and know that you are doing your part.—RG